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What is

  • Easy to use SEO plugin for all major Content Management Systems

  • Real time optimization for your website

  • Progress tracking with specially designed SEO Dashboard


Why use

  • Get better Google

  • Generate more relevant traffic for your website with CMS SEO

  • Become an SEO expert in a few seconds - no previous SEO knowledge needed


How does
SiteAttention work?

  • Contains best practices
    guidelines with real time

  • Keyword integration - choose right keywords for your market

  • Track your pages’ SEO statistics and your team’s performance

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The end of long and complicated reports.
SiteAttention is SEO made simple.

SiteAttention contains a number of best practices guidelines that integrate directly with the Content Management System. This will enable you to get an immediate real-time evaluation of the indexation that the Search Engine will give the webpage (blogs/articles etc.).

SiteAttention provides Keywords helper and tracking options. This will allow you to get real input to your keywords and phrases. It also allows you to measure the effect of the optimization over time showing the number of hits on each keyword and phrase in your content.

Our SEO plugin is available with all major CMS'

SiteAttention is easily integrated in all major CMS' like Episerver, Wordpress, Drupal, Sitecore and Umbraco.

Optimize content faster

By guiding you in real time SiteAttention is the fastest way of optimizing your content in real time. The days of looking in tiresome SEO reports and trying to create content based on this has finally ended, just use SiteAttention.

Better rankings and more traffic

Get better search engine ranking and more traffic, all without worrying about SEO complexities and preserving readability of your contents.

SiteAttention is a search engine optimization plugin that can be easily integrated in all browsers and content management applications (CMS). SiteAttention analyzes readiness of web contents and help content owners and users, whether it is for social posts/articles or others, to optimize them through a series of guided steps ... removing all the hassles and complexities of the SEO process.

How people search

Average of 3 words

25% use only one word

30% refine their search

62% click on results on the first page.

90% within the first three pages

  • SiteAttention has given us more qualified visitors and the online business has almost doubled.

    Morten Gundsoe - God Afsked
    • Morten Gundsøe
    • God Afsked
  • SiteAttention helps me control that all my editors are thinking SEO while creating content.

    Sune Schulze - Aller Media
    • Sune Schulze
    • Aller Media A/S
  • SiteAttention is a great tool for both guidance and performance tracking!

    Kenneth Dahl - Lantmännen Unibake International
    • Kenneth Dahl
    • Lantmännen Unibake International
  • SiteAttention has helped people to find company’s new brand and our website.

    Pasi Hiedanpaa - AHLSTROM-MUNKSJÖ
    • Pasi Hiedanpaa

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SiteAttention is a tool for creating SEO optimized web pages.

SiteAttention helps you optimize and structure the content on your website. The tool is a real-time tool that integrates directly into your CMS. The tool is present when writing or editing the content on your site. It helps you gap the divide in competence silos. Everyone can contribute using the most recent data in real-time.

When using SiteAttention, Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will be able to index your web pages on the keywords you choose. We provide the following seo plugins: Episerver seo plugin, Drupal seo plugin, Wordpress seo plugin, Sitecore seo plugin and Umbraco seo plugin


“If you can’t find it - it isn’t there!” Even though this is a statement which for some can seem as an overstatement there is an element of truth to it.

According to searchenginewatch, there are currently more than 2.3 billion searches a day, and an estimated 90% of all website traffic comes through organic search and only 10% through advertising - so use SiteAttention for real time content!

Do-It-Yourself and save the hassle and cost of expensive SEO consultants. We are certain that you will get good results, which is why we give you 30 days of Free Trial for you to try out all the features.


Easy installation

Plugs directly into your CMS with only a few clicks and is installed as a plug-in.

SiteAttention contains the latest SEO rules

The rules are continuously updated to meet the changing demands of the Search Engines making your site a SEO site.

Get valuable insight with our Dashboard

Our Dashboard gives you valuable insights, which means that you are able to measure the performance of each page you are publishing on your site and get insight on how your pages are ranking on the different search engines.

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