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What is SiteAttention?

SiteAttention is a built-in intuitive sidebar that helps editors with optimizing their content for SEO. The tool gives you easy to understand tips, that appear in real-time and highlights the parts of your text that need changes.

With our tool you get to track your pages’ performance from the moment you’ve started using SiteAttention as well as see each editor’s progress.

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We integrate with your favourite CMS

SiteAttention is not “yet another tool” you have to introduce to your editors. 
Our solution integrates with all the major Content Management Systems (CMS) and opens directly 
in the page edit section of your CMS, keeping it simple and efficient to work with.

You are in good company

Thousands of companies around the world use SiteAttention to get their pages higher in Google ranks.
See what they say about our tool.

Kenneth Dahl

Kenneth Dahl

Lantmännen Unibake International

SiteAttention is a great tool for both guidance and performance tracking!”

Pasi Hiedanpaa

Pasi Hiedanpaa


SiteAttention has helped people to find company’s new brand and our website”

Morten Gundsøe

Morten Gundsøe

God Afsked

SiteAttention has given us more qualified visitors and the online business has almost doubled.

Sune Schulze

Sune Schulze

Aller Media A/S

SiteAttention helps me control that all my editors are thinking SEO while creating content.”

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