SiteAttention SEO tool for WoodWing

Our fully integrated with WoodWing SEO plugin provides real-time guidance when creating pages, blog posts and articles. Thanks to its full compatibility with WoodWing, SiteAttention knows the content of the blocks on the page and leads you to the parts of your content that need to be more optimized. This flexibility, that let's SiteAttention adjust to your needs, is what makes us a number one go-to SEO tool for thousands of companies!


Created for WoodWing

SiteAttention was created to help WoodWing users optimize their content - no matter how much (or little) SEO knowledge they have.

Our tool fully integrates with WoodWing, thanks to which it can give you easy to understand optimization tips while you write your content.

Google Updates

Always up-to-date

Google Algorithm changes 500-600 times per year. In this pace it's really hard for non SEO experts to keep up with all the changes.

Our tool makes sure to always keep up with the newest Google updates and makes changes to the tips it gives you whenever some important updates come up.

Giving the best keyword advice

Thanks to our Keyword Search option, you can now make sure that the keyword you are targeting is the most beneficial for your website. 

Simply insert the keyword you want to target with your page to the Keyword Search area and see what other, similar phrases are suggested. 

Compare the amount of monthly searches for the keyword with its popularity among your competitors and choose the perfect phrase for your page.

Tracking your progress

Use the SiteAttention Dashboard (included in all the SiteAttention packages) to track your progress and check your Google ranks.

Track Google Ranks for each of your pages from the moment you’ve started using SiteAttention. If the rank of a published post changes, you will get a push notification, giving you a chance to react fast.