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Our integrated Umbraco SEO plugin - provides real-time guidance when creating post, blogs or articles.

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SiteAttention requires Umbraco version 7.7.2

Download package for Umbraco:


Go to developer/packages and press install local package:

SiteAttention Umbraco package image

Drag and drop the SiteAttention zip file or choose it by clicking the 'Or click here to choose package file'. Navigate to the folder that contains the file and select it and click the 'Open' button:

SiteAttention choose file image

The package will now be uploaded to the server. Once uploaded, you will have to accept the license and press the 'Install package' button:

SiteAttention install image

The package will now be installed:

SiteAttention installing image

After the installation press the 'Finish' button:

SiteAttention installed image

The SiteAttention menu item will now appear on the left menu if you are an administrator. Otherwise you will have to add the section to your usergroup in the users section. If you click the SiteAttention menu item you will see this window:

SiteAttention image

If you are a new user - fill in the 2 top fields with your name and email address and press 'Register'. This will give you access to a FREE 30 days trial version and you will receive emails from SiteAttention helping you with the next steps. If you already have a license then enter your license key. You can find your setting in your SiteAttention Dashboard. Once a valid license has been entered, you will see following:

SiteAttention license image

If you fold out the overview menu item on the left side, you can see the active document types in the solution. If you press on 'Overview' you will see a list of the most used fields:

SiteAttention overview image

For each field it is possible to select a type of mapping. The options are:

  1. Not mapped: The field is not a part of the page content
  2. Content tag: The field is a part of the content on the page
  3. Meta description: Content is in the meta description of the page
  4. Page title: Field contains the title of the page

The Sort order field is only used in the content tag. It determines the sequence of the fields. It is quite important to get this as precise as possible, because this will give you better results.

When you select a document type in the tree to the left, you will see the precise document type mapping. If a value has already been set on the general mapping then you can select a new mapping specific for the document type. You can also define a different sorting order. Once you have changed the field on a document type, any changes to the fields in the overview will not be reflected in the document type.

Once you have mapped the fields, you can see the result on the content pages:

SiteAttention content image