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SEO Plugins

Our plugins for Episerver, Drupal, Wordpress, Sitecore and Umbraco has the feature to show you exactly how to optimize your content according to the relevant search phrases in real-time

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Our Keywords function analyzes your keywords real-time, giving you SEO suggestions on where to improve based on actual data from Google.

It also shows you related Search Terms, current Search Volume and Competition.

Start optimizing your content today.

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Learn how SiteAttention is optimizing your content first hand by analyzing your results

Optimize content in real time

By guiding you in real time, SiteAttention seo plugin is the fastest way of optimizing your content. The days of looking in tiresome SEO reports and trying to create content based on this has finally ended, just use SiteAttention and post your article or blog.

Know how your SEO posts are doing

When using the SiteAttention we provide you the option to track your optimized pages - giving you a visual overview on how your pages are performing on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also provides the option to see how many backlinks are pointing at your page. All is included in the premium packages of the plugins.

Hassle-free Search Engine Optimization

SiteAttention is a real-time search engine optimization plugin that can be easily integrated in browsers and Major content management systems such as Episerver, Drupal, Wordpress, Sitecore and Umbraco. SiteAttention plugin analyzes SEO readiness of web contents and help content owners optimize them through a series of guided steps ... removing all the hassles and complexities of the SEO process.

Custom Rules

With the premium versions of the plugins you will have the option to add/change the rules. This feature enables you to use your own SEO rules if needed. This is also available for our premium partners.

Tracking your results

The premium versions of the plugins will provide you the optiuon to track your pages. Track them against region, language, keywords etc. This feature gives you a visual overview on your performance of your pages - how they are ranking on different search engines and a lifetime change from the start.

Get Notified

The plugins notifies you if the rank of a published post start declining. This can happen for multiple reasons, like changes to search enginge algorithms or similar. But as soon as it affect a post published and optimized for our plugin you and/or your company admin will get notified in the plugin itself or on your customer dashboard. ..Making SEO a dynamic element at your company.

SiteAttention integrates with your favorite CMS

Start seeing your content from the Search Engine's point of view with our out-of-the-box integrations

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