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Always Pick The Best Keywords

Keywords are a crucial part of content optimization. By optimizing your content for the right keywords you make it easier for your target audience to find your website. SiteAttention sidebar makes sure you remember to target a keyword with your content from the very beginning of the writing process.

SiteAttention sidebar makes sure you remember to target a keyword with your content from the very beginning of the writing process. 

Further, our Keyword Search tool will help you decide if there are more beneficial substitutes for the keyword you are using by showing you a list of suggestions along with the amount of searches they get online and an indicator of how difficult they are to score for on Google.

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SiteAttention Plugin Google Rank Rules

Follow Google Rank Rules

It is hard to remember and keep track of all the SEO rules - especially when you’re not an SEO expert!

Our tool analyzes how optimized your content is and gives you tips in real-time on how to make your content score higher on Google. All in easy-to-understand language and sending you directly to the fields that need corrections.

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Be Always Up-To-Date

Google changes their algorithm 500-600 times per year! It’s almost impossible to follow their rules on the daily bases!

The SiteAttention tool is constantly updated to meet the changing demands of Search Engines. This way our rules are never getting old and you can always trust that we follow the newest Google Algorithm updates and tips from the experts in the SEO field.

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Track Your Progress

With our specially designed SEO Dashboard you can track your pages’ Google rank statistics and get push notifications whenever there is a change to your ranks.

Track Google Ranks for each of your pages from the moment you’ve started using SiteAttention. If the rank of a published post starts declining due to e.g. changes in search engine algorithms, you will be able to notice it right away, giving you a chance to act fast.

With our Dashboard, as an admin, you also get a better overview of the users' adoption of the tool and see who's doing great already and who might need some extra incentives.

We integrate with your CMS

SiteAttention integrates with all the main Content Management Systems such as: Episerver, Umbraco, Drupal, WordPress and SiteCore. This way our tool can fully interact with the content you are creating and let you know in real-time what rules you've already fulfilled and which ones should still be changed.

By integrating into your Content Management System, our SEO solution becomes a part of it and is not yet another tool that your editors need to launch before writing their content. In fact SiteAttention is so interactive, that it will even point at the specific fields that still need some more polishing!

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