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Google BERT Update

Throughout this week Google is gradually releasing their new update called BERT. The update is suppose to improve the understanding of queries formulated in natural language.
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Google Pre-Announces a Core Update

It was announced in advance that a new algorithm change will occur on September 25th. It is very unusual for Google to pre-announce the upcoming algorithm updates, so it may mean that the update will be bigger than usual.
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Google will Reduce the number of Reviews in SERP

Google will start using stricter rules for showing reviews in search results. From now on, the reviews that only appear on a company's website will be ignored. 

There can already be observed a drop in numbers of reviews shown on Google search results.

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Friday 13th Update (Unconfirmed)

Search results started changing and the ranks shifted in many industries. This can be a sign of a Google core algorithm update, but it was not confirmed by Google so far.
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Nofollow Links - new treatment

Google announced that the interpretation of nofollow links will be changed. Before, nofollow links were completely ignored and did not bring any value to a website's rank. Now, Google will decide whether or not a nofollow link should add some extra points to the ranking. 

Two extra attributes for user-generated content and sponsored content will were also introduced.

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End of Summer Update (Unconfirmed)

High activity was detected on August 30th, which many experts interpret as a sign of a possible new algorithm change from Google. So far there were no official comments from Google on that subject.
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Google Experiencing Issues with Indexing New Content

Google is having troubles with indexing fresh content on the web. If you depend a lot on new content (e.g. media industry, a new website) you may notice a decline in traffic these days.
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New Unconfirmed Update

SERPs are experiencing sudden changes, which seems to be caused by a so far unconfirmed update.
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Google Update Reducing Adult Content

An official update was released by Google on July 16th. From now on, ambiguous queries that can be interpreted as adult-oriented will now be showing less of the adult content more “normal” results.
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Unconfirmed Google Update

Between July 12-13 an unusual activity was detected. This can mean a small unannounced algorithm change from Google.
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