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SiteAttention Changes Concerning Length of Meta Description

Following the recent Google announcement about the changes in acceptable meta description length, we decided to make small changes to our plugin. As Google did not specify the new acceptable maximum length of the SERP snippets, our tool will supports the newest meta description length recommendations that most of the leading SEO companies on the market agree on. 


The new specifications we use in our tool are as follows:

Meta Title: 


- the maximum length of 65 characters including space is unchanged,

- since the interval between 40-65 characters is said to be the most optimal for meta title, our tool will now show that the content is optimized when the number of characters stays within 40-65. 

Meta Title length


Meta Description:


- the new optimal length for meta description should fit between 260-300 characters


Meta description length

Google to use mobile page speed as a factor in mobile search results


Page speed can really change the users' experience on your website. People get even more impatient when looking at websites from their mobiles. Nobody wants to wait for too long when the page is loading, especially when experiencing a mediocre connection while sitting on the bus or a train. If your page speed is really slow it can lead to the users leaving your website faster and even avoiding it in the future. 


Now along these extremely important for your business reasons, Google just added a new, SEO-related one - your mobile page will rank lower in the mobile searches if it's too slow. 


Most websites will not be affected by the change, as it "will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users" , however Google recommends you to check their guidelines on performance and user experience metrics to make sure your website provides the best it can to the user. 


Google has already been using page speed as a factor for the desktop searches ranks for years, but with this announcement it will finally make our mobile search experience better.


The update will come into effect in July 2018, so make sure to have a look at your mobile page speed before then! 


SEO updates: Changes in snippet length

Changes in snippet length

We've noted that Google decided to change the maximum length of the snippet used to summarise the content of webpages (also known as meta description). The snippets are now said to be up to 230 characters long, which is a significant change from the 160 previously allowed. 

Here you can read the original statement from Google:

"We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people better understand how pages are relevant to their searches. This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer, on average.”

It is important to stress, that site owners are advised not to change their meta description at the moment. As Danny Sullivan from Google said:

"don’t go expanding your meta description tags. It’s more a dynamic process.”

It means that Google will automatically increase the length of the snippet only in cases when it will make the user's search experience significantly better.

As for today, we are not taking any significant steps in this direction, as we are still waiting for some more detailed information on that matter from Google. 

Drupal plugin and WordPress update released

Drupal 7 SEO Plugin

Our Drupal 7 SEO plugin have been released!

You can get it here!

SiteAttention is now supported on default Drupal 7 installations:

  • image widget fields are now detected and supported by default
  • TinyMCE, CKEditor and switching among them supported
  • supporting toolbar, adminmenu and overlay modules
  • supporting the 4 default themes


Documentation and guidelines can be found and downloaded on this page.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Our WordPress SEO plugin have updated to version 1.0.5.

You can get from here or get it from the store in your WordPress.

Documentation can be found here.

SiteAttention released to Episerver Nuget

New version of SiteAttention ( have been released to Episerver nuget feed.

This release have a lot of performance optimizations, Blocks rendering, custom configuration and a lot more.

Read the Configuration guide to map.

You can get it here


We are excited and happy to announce that just before the weekend we released our plugin for WordPress - it is now available in the store. You can find it here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/siteattention or you can login to your WordPress and search the plugin store

SiteAttention Store image

SiteAttention Plugin details

Read more and watch the video(s) here

All News posts can be found here