Google updates so far this year

Why is it important to work continuously with SEO as a company? 

Ten years ago the number of changes to the Google algorithm was in average 2-3 large changes a year. That made the work around SEO quite static and it you could be on top doing an overhaul each year. Things have changed since then and this demands more frequent work on SEO when it comes to keep the pageranks.

2017 so far.....

The first three month has been busy from Google. 

8th march - Google Fred (Unconfirmed)
7th of February - Core ranking update
1st of February - multiple algorithm updates
10th of January - mobile penalty

SEO has to be considered a real time job if you want to work with organic search engine optimization.  

SiteAttention is your websites best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings - and we won´t stop until we help you find them. 

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Elbert on

So do links from social media activity now contribute for SEO?

I read they do because of the Penguin algorithm refresh
You are now part of my weekly website list, keep up the interesting work

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Google Page Speed

Why is Page speed important in regards to SEO?

Google wants to offer the user of the their search engine the best results.

The best results means that what you search for is matched, but also the speed when browsing. Google has changed the algorithms so a website is scored not only on optimization but also on the performance from when you browses from a mobile or desktop.

Studies shows that users that experience load times longer than 3 seconds are more likely to abandon the webpage, specially from browsing from a mobile. An abandoned visitor will hurt pagerank in the Google calculation.  

In 2017 not only content and links are to be taking into consideration but also the speed.

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SiteAttention is your websites best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings - and we won´t stop until we help you find them. 


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Meta Description

What is a Meta Description?

A Meta description is a tag that helps search engines to get a short and informative description of the content of a page. The description will appear under the URL - shown below:

Why are meta descriptions important?

Meta descriptions are listed with your URL when people are using search engines. They help you to display an informative description that makes the searchers click through to your webpage. If your URL doesn´t have a meta description your pagerank will actually suffer according to our machine learning algorithms. 

A meta description should be between 140-160 characters.

 How can I make the meta description better?

The meta description provide the searcher a short introduction to why they should choose to click on your link. Think in an advertising way and don´t be afraid to use words or sentences that may appeal searchers to click on your link.

The 140-160 characters gives you room for making one or two sentences. Make sure never to use the same meta description from another page since this will hurt your pagerank with Google. You should never use more than the 160 characters.

SiteAttention is your websites best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings - and we won´t stop until we help you find them. 


Keywords exact match?

Should keywords be an exact match for Google to understand them?

 No! Keywords do no longer need to be an exact match for SEO-reasons. Before you had to write rather annoying texts to perform as good as possible in organic search and could make the natural language quite difficult to read.

Today keywords should be chosen for what's relevant for your searches/visitors to your website. Try to inform the reader rather than the search engine - they have actually evolved quite a lot the last year.

Do not use keyword stuffing or the practice of showing as many SEO keywords as possible in a text or page. That procedure is not a long-term way to go anymore and are being considered blackhat in the Google world.

When you build the content and headers, then try to use a fluently text that makes sense for the reader and use synonyms to the key-word. The synonyms will help you build stronger content that will support your keywords.

 Content is king.

Week 14 - SEO Tips

How important are backlinks?

In the old SEO-days links to your website (backlinks) were very important and the more the merrier...That was extremely important to gain better page rankings. A company could actually benefit from getting thousands of links from different websites without any relevance to website....That has changed.   

Backlinks are still important but the way you build them has changed. A company should aim at building high quality links instead of just getting as many as possible. The main focus is to getting relevant sources of backlinks that links to a page with similar content.

Social media and blogs are a link engine

If you write good content on social media and blogs, which refers to a relevant page, it is possible to create a very high quality link engine. Make social media and blogs a part of your SEO strategi and use it continuously.

Backlinks and content is becoming dependant of each other

Both backlinks and content is becoming dependant of each other because you cannot get the high quality links without having the high quality content. That is why you should focus on building high quality content before thinking of linkbulding.

SiteAttention is your websites best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings - and we won´t stop until we help you find them.