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Get notified whenever your pages' ranks change!

Keep full control over your ranks

With our new feature officially out, you are now able to get notifications every time your page ranks rise or fall. This way, as soon as any changes to your ranks appear, you will be the very first to know and will be able to act fast!

The feature is available for customers running SiteAttention v. 5.0.1 on Episerver (and higher), as well as SiteAttention v. 3.x (and higher) on Umbraco.   

Subscribing to notifications

Follow the steps below to subscribe to the notifications.

NOTE! The notification subscription is device-based, meaning that if you e.g. want to get notified about your ranks both on your computer and you mobile device, you will need to log in from both these devices and subscribe to the notifications separately for each of the devices. 

1. Log in to your SiteAttention Dashboard account.

Log in to SiteAttention Dashboard


2. Click on your username.

SiteAttention Dashboard


3. Choose Settings.

SiteAttention Dashboard


4. Under Push notifications choose Subscribe.

SiteAttention Dashboard


5. Click Save to go exit the Settings menu.

SiteAttention Dashboard

Now everytime your page ranks experience any changes you will be notified right away!

Following Google's new announcement we've changed the search results snippet's length

In December last year Google increased the search results snippets' length, only to change it back to the previous 160 characters, 5 months later. You can read more about it in Search Engine Land's article

Following this announcement, in the beginning of 2018 we've decided to change the SEO rule concerning meta description legnth in our tool and increase the number of acceptable characters to 300. 

Now, with the new announcement from Google, we decided to go back to the previously used 160 characters, since from now on this is what Google will consider when showing search results' descriptions.

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SiteAttention SEO May Updates

In our Update for May, you can have a sneak peek on the brand new design of our plugin, learn about our new, super easy registration process and much much more!

SiteAttention for Episerver v. 11.x has been released!

We are happy to announce that SiteAttention SEO plugin is now officially available for Episerver version 11.x. If you are running on Episerver v. 11.x, you can download v. 3.2.1 of SiteAttention's Nuget from here


If you are still using the version 9.x or 10.x of Episerver, please choose SiteAttention version, which you can find on the same page.


You can also go here to read more about our Episerver plugin.

SiteAttention SEO plugin now available on Sitecore

We are happy and proud to announce that our SiteAttention plugin is now available on yet another major Content Management System - Sitecore. You can try it for free here.

With our Sitecore plugin your team gets:

- real-time SEO guidance while writing their content,

- a guarantee that the Google SEO rules used in our tool are always up-to-date (14 days implementation period),

- expert knowledge of SEO without attending boring SEO workshops,

- a Dashboard to monitor your website's performance in Google ranks and track single pages' rank positions.

SiteAttention Changes Concerning Length of Meta Description

Following the recent Google announcement about the changes in acceptable meta description length, we decided to make small changes to our plugin. As Google did not specify the new acceptable maximum length of the SERP snippets, our tool will supports the newest meta description length recommendations that most of the leading SEO companies on the market agree on. 


The new specifications we use in our tool are as follows:

Meta Title: 


- the maximum length of 65 characters including space is unchanged,

- since the interval between 40-65 characters is said to be the most optimal for meta title, our tool will now show that the content is optimized when the number of characters stays within 40-65. 

Meta Title length


Meta Description:


- the new optimal length for meta description should fit between 260-300 characters


Meta description length
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