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Keyword Helper - all you need to know

In what situations do I use Keyword Helper?


Keyword Helper will help you find the best keyword to optimize your content with. When using SiteAttention, the first thing you should do, is to decide on a keyword that you think your potential customers will look for when searching for topics connected to your company.

E.g. If your company sells marketing software, your target audience will want to read more about the topics connected to digital marketing
Let's say you want to write an article about 10 tools every digital marketer should use. Think of what keywords would best describe that topic.

You decide to go with: digital marketing tools but are not sure if this is the best keyword you can go with. That's where the Keyword Helper comes in!


What is the function of Keyword Helper?


Keyword Helper helps you find the best keywords (or phrases) for optimizing your content.

The best keywords are the ones that many people search for but not many pages are optimized for. 

 Keyword Helper - Monthly Searches and KDI

You can find the best keywords in Keyword Helper by looking for the right ratio between:

- Keyword Difficulty 

gray stripe = low competition level,

blue stripe = medium competition level,

red stripe = high competition level

 - and Monthly Searches. 

Look for the keywords with as little Keyword Difficulty as possible combined with high amount of Monthly Searches.


Where do I find Keyword Helper?


To use Keyword Helper simply click on its name, which you can always find above the SiteAttention rules and below the line where you insert the keywords you optimize for.

Keyword Helper - open

How do I use Keyword Helper?


1. After you've opened your Keyword Helper, make sure the keyword you want to target is inserted under the google region:


Keyword Helper - insert keyword 


2. Click on to change your Google region.


Keyword Helper - google region

Google region refers to an area in the world that you want to target with your article. E.g. if you are writing for Danish audience, click on and change it to This way, the results in Keyword Helper will be displayed only for the region you target and thus, will be more relevant for you. 


3. Choose whether you want the results to be exact matches or related phrases.

Exact matches refer to phrases that will always have your keyword as a core and build on it. They will mostly add extra words to your phrase and make the phrase more specific. E.g. for a phrase digital marketing tools, exact matches would include phrases such as: digital marketing analytics tools or essential digital marketing tools 2018. 


Related phrases refer to the synonyms of the keyword (or phrase) you do the search for or phrases that are related to the same topic. E.g. a related phrase for digital marketing tools could be marketing automation software.


Keyword Helper - Options


4. Choose the best keyword for your post. Focus on three things:

- Make sure the keyword you choose makes sense in the context of your article/page.

- Choose the keywords that have high monthly searches combined with low keyword difficulty index. Here's where you can find these factors in Keyword Helper:


Keyword Helper - MS and KDI


5. Click on the add button by the keywords or phrases you chose to go with. This will automatically add it to your targeted keywords in the main part of the tool: 


Keyword Helper - adding keywords


SiteAttention partners up with IIH Nordic!

Nothing says "we like your tool" better than other companies wanting to join you and spread the word about it among their own customers! That's what happened when IIH Nordic saw SiteAttention's tool and how it performed for some of our shared clients. But let's start from the beginning!


IIH Nordic is an award winning digital agency, well known around Denmark and Scandinavia for being experts in online marketing and one of the biggest digital scaling companies in the North. Another thing they are also famous for is their modern approach to work, which they showed last year by presenting their employees with a new concept - a 4-days working day policy - which quickly made the national news.  


Working on their customers' marketing strategies, IIH Nordic always strives to provide them with the most effective and efficient solutions, which are easy to use and implement. On-site SEO proves to be a great struggle for many companies - both small and big. It's very hard to focus both on writing an interesting article about your area of expertise and still keep an eye on all the ever-changing SEO rules that will make the site more visible to the search engines and get more traffic to the company's website.  


IIH Nordic realised that even when the editors, who write content for companies' websites are told about all the SEO rules, it is hard for them to remember and implement all these rules into their writing. 


That's also the reason why one of IIH Nordic's customers - EG started using SiteAttention. Our tool provides a real-time step-by-step help to the editors, so they can easily optimize their pages for SEO while still fully focusing on their writing. You can hear more about EG's experience with SiteAttention here:



After seeing how EG used SiteAttention to get more organic traffic to their website, IIH Nordic decided to partner up with our company in order to provide their customers with the SEO solution that is not only extremely easy and intuitive to use but will also provide tangible results, like it did in EG's (and our other clients') case.


Why did IIH Nordic choose SiteAttention? SEO is not something that can be done once a year and easily forgotten afterwards. For the best Google ranks, every piece of content that a company adds to their website should be optimized. That means that every time new content is being published (and in big companies that happens on a daily bases) it will also need to be optimized for search engines. That's why the best way of helping companies with their SEO struggles is by giving them a tool they can use easily and fast on their own.


We are very happy and proud to partner up with IIH Nordic on a mission to improve their customers' SEO scores and through that send more quality traffic to their websites. We are looking forward to our collaboration! 

SiteAttention SEO May Updates

In our Update for May, you can have a sneak peek on the brand new design of our plugin, learn about our new, super easy registration process and much much more!

Vi i Villa

We are excited to welcome Vi i Villa among our Episerver customers! We are very much looking forward to our collaboration. 

SiteAttention is now Vi i Villa's website best friend. Our software helps companies from all over the world to achieve the best SEO results. We focus on the newest Search Engine Optimisation rules and help you optimise these in real-time. 

...Because your website deserves to be noticed!

Get our Episerver Plugin today and see the results for yourself!

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IT jobmatch-arrangement - kommuner tager initiativ

Det kan være svært at finde arbejdskraft. 

Karriere Centret imageJobcenter image

Københavns Erhvervs Hus og Jobcenter København havde derfor arrangeret "IT jobmatch-arrangement" hvor vi med glæde deltog.

Oplægget var som følgende:

"Efterspørgsel på kvalificeret arbejdskraft er stadig stigende på it-området, og mange
virksomheder har svært ved at rekruttere de rette kandidater. Samtidig findes der
ledige kandidater med it-kompetenceprofiler, som fagligt matcher efterspørgslen.

Dette paradoks vil vi - kommunerne Ballerup, Brøndby, Lyngby-Taarbæk, København,
Gladsaxe og Frederiksberg, hjælpe med at finde en løsning på. Derfor har hver
kommune interviewet et stort antal virksomheder, der efterspørger kompetencer
indenfor IT-branchen for at blive klogere på, hvilke kvalifikationer der efterspørges.
Og med baggrund af den viden har vi screenet alle kommunernes ledige it-kandidater
med henblik på, at finde kandidater, der matcher virksomhedernes behov."

Vi havde en masse gode dialoger med potentielle kandidater til vores åbne stillinger men også med mulige fremtidige kandidater.

Alt i alt kan vi kun sige tak for et godt arrangement / initiativ.

Se vores åbne stillinger her

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SiteAttention released to Episerver Nuget

New version of SiteAttention ( have been released to Episerver nuget feed.

This release have a lot of performance optimizations, Blocks rendering, custom configuration and a lot more.

Read the Configuration guide to map.

You can get it here

Röda Korset Högskola

All type of industries, can use our tool.

We are happy to present a new Episerver customer who have chosen our plugin. A big welcome to Röda Korset Högskola!

We are looking forward to work with you.

SiteAttention is now Röda Korset Högskola's website best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings – and we won’t stop until we help you find them.
…Because your website deserves the best search engine ranking possible

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CPH Pride 2017

At SiteAttention we embrace and support diversity, equality and inclusion.

This week Copenhagen is the proud host for the CPH Pride 2017 event, were we stand together and show our support.

Frederiksberg City hall


Up to 30.000 participants are expected to walk, sing and dance through the streets of Copenhagen today.

Frederiksberg City hall mood

Pride mood

Smallegade mood

Mood of pride

Final mood image

Everybody stand together and shows that we care. Below is just a fraction of the attendance.

US Embassy at pride

Microsoft at pride

Boxer at pride

Have an amazing pride!

TMC Telemarketing

For the third week in a row, we are super excited to welcome a new WordPress customer who have chosen our plugin. A big welcome to TMC Telemarketing.

We are looking forward to work and collaborate with you.

SiteAttention is now TMC Telemarketing's website best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings – and we won’t stop until we help you find them.
…Because your website deserves the best search engine ranking possible

Get our WordPress Plugin 

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Organic Search

Google provides traffic sources to marketers in two flavors: organic search and paid search.

You acquire traffic from these by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Here we will describe the organic search terminology.


When you type a word or a phrase into a search engine, whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo or other, the list of results that it shown below the ads are the organic results. These are based on the quality and the content of the page. When one of the results are clicked it generates organic (search) traffic.

Google search result

The organic traffic is the most valuable traffic you can for a lot of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Google are the most trusted source for users (potential buyers) researching a purchase
  • Google sends the highest amount of traffic
  • Google is very stringent about the ranking, especially the top 5 results. Being there for keywords or phrases indicates that the content is high quality
  • Moving up is difficult and time consuming and changing/updating  content can assist you in getting re-indexed
  • Results in the top 10 (first page) of Google receive 92% of all search traffic. By page 2 (top 20) traffic drops 95%

In the “old days” it was not that difficult to rank well on Google. But thing have changed. Google has made strong efforts against methods like “Keyword stuffing” and “Black Hat” SEO.

If you want to increase organic traffic and earn top ranking, it takes time and persistence, but it is well worth it.

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