Keywords exact match?

Should keywords be an exact match for Google to understand them?

 No! Keywords do no longer need to be an exact match for SEO-reasons. Before you had to write rather annoying texts to perform as good as possible in organic search and could make the natural language quite difficult to read.

Today keywords should be chosen for what's relevant for your searches/visitors to your website. Try to inform the reader rather than the search engine - they have actually evolved quite a lot the last year.

Do not use keyword stuffing or the practice of showing as many SEO keywords as possible in a text or page. That procedure is not a long-term way to go anymore and are being considered blackhat in the Google world.

When you build the content and headers, then try to use a fluently text that makes sense for the reader and use synonyms to the key-word. The synonyms will help you build stronger content that will support your keywords.

 Content is king.

Google updates so far this year

Why is it important to work continuously with SEO as a company? 

Ten years ago the number of changes to the Google algorithm was in average 2-3 large changes a year. That made the work around SEO quite static and it you could be on top doing an overhaul each year. Things have changed since then and this demands more frequent work on SEO when it comes to keep the pageranks.

2017 so far.....

The first three month has been busy from Google. 

8th march - Google Fred (Unconfirmed)
7th of February - Core ranking update
1st of February - multiple algorithm updates
10th of January - mobile penalty

SEO has to be considered a real time job if you want to work with organic search engine optimization.  

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Week 13 - SEO Tips

Why link ranking is not the most important anymore....

Many of our customers seem to focus on link ranking which in the old days were all that mattered. Today it is much more valuable to rank for keywords that has a relevance for your business.

 Why is that?

First of all, you want to drive relevant traffic to your website because optimizing for non-relevant keywords will only give you more abandoned visitors and abandoned visitors will actually hurt your SEO-score. Search engines are monitoring keywords and if the abandoned rate is high for a certain keyword on your page, the search engine will stop showing your pages.

Why not focus on click-through instead?

Good meta descriptions could help you get more relevant visitors. Focus on writing meta descriptions that invites the "searcher" to visit your site and get the relevant information.

Microsoft has proven that informing/descriptive URLs perform better than generic ones – 25% better. Are you maybe losing 25% of click-throughs? 

Google is changing quite a bit on algorithms...

What worked yesterday, may not work today so in the SEO-world it is just as important not to do what you always have done. Google is changing their algorithms these days quite often.

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SEO Tips

How important are HTTPS on your website for SEO-reasons? 

About three years ago Google announced that HTTPS would score better than HTTP websites. Back then most of the world websites were running HTTP and staying on un-encrypted pages would make your site ranking worse.

Most SEO experts did not do much about this, since the effect was quite small compared to other optimizations you could do to your website. Last year Google announced that Chrome would indicate HTTP pages unsafe to browse for the users so if you haven´t converted your site to HTTPS, then now is the time to do so if you wanna stay ahead of the game.

SiteAttention is your websites best friend. Our software continues to seek better site rankings – and we won’t stop until we help you find them.