SiteAttention Plugin Re-make - what's new!

We are very excited to announce that our SiteAttention tool just got some huge upgrades! It doesn’t only have a completely new, more user friendly look and design, but we also added some extra features that you can read all about in this article.

You can also watch this video to learn all about the new plugin design.


Keywords are extremely important in the Search Engine Optimization process. By knowing what phrases your target audience is searching for online and using these phrases in the most important parts of your pages you can show search engines, that your website is in possession of the information they are looking for.

That’s why we put a lot of focus on making sure you never forget to optimize your pages for specific keywords and we introduced the welcome page for the tool, where you need to insert your keyword in order to start optimizing with SiteAttention.

 keywords in SiteAttention


Changing and deleting your keywords

After you’ve inserted your main keyword, you will still be able to change it later or add some extra ones if you have a need for that. To delete a keyword, simply go to the top part of the tool and hoover over the one you want to delete, then click on the “x” sign. If you want to add a new keyword, click on the plus sign and write the keyword you want to include. In general we advise you to optimize for 1-3 keywords per page.


Keyword Search

It’s always a good idea to check how difficult it will be for you to rank for a keyword you decided to optimize for. Use our Keyword Search tool to check your keyword and get suggestions on what other similar words and phrases could be easier for you to rank for.


How to use the Keyword Search tool?

  1. Click on the button with its name Button
  2. Choose the Google region you want to rank in (e.g. if you write content for Swedish audience, use
  3. Write down the keyword you want to optimize for
  4. Choose, if you want the results to include exactly the same keyword or phrase (exact matches) or if they can be related to the keyword/phrase you inserted (related phrases) and click on the magnifying glass symbol to start the searchkeyword search
  5. Look at the displayed results and check their KDI (Keyword Search Index - the higher the KDI percentage the more competition for the keyword and the harder it will be for you to rank high for it). Compare it with the MS (Monthly Searches) number. The higher the Monthly Searches number the more people look for the keyword you target, and the more opportunity for your page to be seen.
  6. If you choose to use any of the results, click on the SELECT button by the keyword to add it to the list of keywords you will optimize your page for


The SiteAttention Score

The SiteAttention Score is unchanged - the closer you get to a 100% the more optimized your page becomes. We advise you to set a minimum of 80% optimization. You can now personalize your minimum SiteAttention score in the settings of your SiteAttention Dashboard.

How do you improve your SiteAttention score? By fulfilling the SEO rules, which we will talk about in the paragraph below.


The SEO Rules in the SiteAttention tool

In the new design, we grouped our SEO rules, so you can fast get to the ones you are looking for, instead of scrolling down for too long. We didn’t want to change this part too much, so you can fast recognize the rules you are used to and continue optimizing without unnecessary downturn.


What’s new in the SEO Rules section?

The fulfilment system may appear a bit different at a first glance.

We parted it into two levels: the rule level and the rule group level.

In the rule level you can see if a specific rule has been fulfilled (green tick sign), partly fulfilled (circle) or not (red cross sign).

In the rule group level you can see if the whole group of rules has been fulfilled and if not - to which degree, by looking at the blue circle by the group name. The more the rule is fulfilled, the darker the circle becomes.

seo rules fulfillment  

Improved Images group

We also improved the Images rule, so now you are able to see a thumbnails of the images from your content, which do not include an alt text or need a longer alt text.


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