SiteAttention partners up with IIH Nordic!

Nothing says "we like your tool" better than other companies wanting to join you and spread the word about it among their own customers! That's what happened when IIH Nordic saw SiteAttention's tool and how it performed for some of our shared clients. But let's start from the beginning!


IIH Nordic is an award winning digital agency, well known around Denmark and Scandinavia for being experts in online marketing and one of the biggest digital scaling companies in the North. Another thing they are also famous for is their modern approach to work, which they showed last year by presenting their employees with a new concept - a 4-days working day policy - which quickly made the national news.  


Working on their customers' marketing strategies, IIH Nordic always strives to provide them with the most effective and efficient solutions, which are easy to use and implement. On-site SEO proves to be a great struggle for many companies - both small and big. It's very hard to focus both on writing an interesting article about your area of expertise and still keep an eye on all the ever-changing SEO rules that will make the site more visible to the search engines and get more traffic to the company's website.  


IIH Nordic realised that even when the editors, who write content for companies' websites are told about all the SEO rules, it is hard for them to remember and implement all these rules into their writing. 


That's also the reason why one of IIH Nordic's customers - EG started using SiteAttention. Our tool provides a real-time step-by-step help to the editors, so they can easily optimize their pages for SEO while still fully focusing on their writing. You can hear more about EG's experience with SiteAttention here:



After seeing how EG used SiteAttention to get more organic traffic to their website, IIH Nordic decided to partner up with our company in order to provide their customers with the SEO solution that is not only extremely easy and intuitive to use but will also provide tangible results, like it did in EG's (and our other clients') case.


Why did IIH Nordic choose SiteAttention? SEO is not something that can be done once a year and easily forgotten afterwards. For the best Google ranks, every piece of content that a company adds to their website should be optimized. That means that every time new content is being published (and in big companies that happens on a daily bases) it will also need to be optimized for search engines. That's why the best way of helping companies with their SEO struggles is by giving them a tool they can use easily and fast on their own.


We are very happy and proud to partner up with IIH Nordic on a mission to improve their customers' SEO scores and through that send more quality traffic to their websites. We are looking forward to our collaboration! 

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