A comprehensive guide to SiteAttention Dashboard

We are happy to announce that we've just released a big update to our SiteAttention Dashboard! The update aims to provide you with more specific results and analytics, so you will be able to take even more justified SEO-related decisions. In this article we will talk about all the new features you should start using today to be able to analyze your SEO performance even more in depth - and that are now a part of your SiteAttention Dashboard.

If you want to get fast up to speed with the new features you can also watch the video below, where we gathered all the new features for you and discuss how to use them.




Select Domains 

Thanks to the Select Domains option you can now see ranks for one or many domains you are interested in. After you've decided on the domains, Google Rank Trend graph will be showing the average trend ONLY for the specific domains you've selected.

Tip: Use the search field under the "Select All" option to find the wanted domains faster.

Select Domain option in SiteAttention SEO tool


Full Rank History

Now, using Google Rank Trend graph, you can track your performance from the moment you've started using SiteAttention. You can also select a specific date range you are interested in seeing, using the Select From/To Date feature above the graph.

Tip: Remember that Google Rank Trend Graph will only show the results for the domains you've selected in Select Domains feature described above.

Google Trend Rank - date range


Advanced Filtering Options

Using our new filtering option you can choose more precisely which pages are of interest for you while analyzing the Pages field. Click on the Filter Settings button, which you can find in the top right corner of the Pages field. Now it's possible to filter your pages by:

  • SiteAttention Score,
  • Google Rank,
  • Monthly Searches, 
  • User who's edited the page,
  • Google Region they belong to,
  • Specific keywords used to optimize the page,
  • Specific URL of the page.

You can combine the filters together to your liking. Remember to click on the Apply Filter button in the top right corner of the Pages section when you're done. 

Filtering Options in SiteAttention SEO tool


Now you can also export the filtered data to a PDF or CSV file - in order to do so, apply the filter you are interested in and click on Export CSV or Export PDF buttons in the top right corner of the Pages section.


Exportin to CSV or PDF in SiteAttention SEO Dashboard

Tip: The filter will be saved for the next session, so, unless you want to apply a different filter, you don't have to adjust it every time you visit your Dashboard. 

 Tip2: To go back to see all pages, click on the Show All button below the filter settings area. This way you will be able to have an overview of all your pages without resetting your filter.


Page Statistics 

We've also added a graph with full history to every single page you've edited with SiteAttention plugin. You can find it by clicking on the graph icon by the page you are interested in (on the list of your pages in the Pages section). Here you can also choose a specific date range you'd like to see for the keyword used to optimize the page. We've also added a Keyword Created category beneath the graph, which states the date when the keyword was added.


Page Statistics in SiteAttention SEO tool


Have any questions regarding our new Dashboard features? Want to let us know what other features would be useful to add? Don't hesitate to contact us here - we'll be happy to hear from you!

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