SEO for Episerver - from chaos to well optimized and effective process

SEO - a marketer's headache or an opportunity? 

70% of marketers agree that SEO is more powerful in driving sales than PPC. Interestingly, still, many companies treat it with distance and scepticism. 

The reason for it is simple - SEO can be a true mystery for many companies. The fact that many SEO experts have very different opinions about what can help a company rank higher on Google does not make it any easier. That results in many people misunderstanding how SEO should be done and marketers not believing that correct optimization, the way Google wants it, is even possible.


Quality content vs. SEO discrepancy  

3/4 of SEO experts believe that well-optimized content is the most crucial part of a Google- friendly website. However, only 21% of marketers claim to write their content with search engines in mind.

This gap is surprisingly hard to close and the reason is simple - content is seen as editor-only territory, and until recently, SEO did not belong there. For a long time there had only been two solutions to this problem. Your company can probably identify with one of these approaches:


Solution one: 

The editor's new task, in addition to writing great content, is to optimize it for Google. This means attending SEO seminars and using lists of what to include and what not in the content they create. 

The problem that companies encounter with this approach is that leaving SEO solely to writers' own judgement, with their basic knowledge of SEO, might be risky and mean the optimization will fall into the second picture or not be as thorough as it ought to be. It is also very hard for the content writers to keep up with all the Google algorithm changes.


Solution two: 

The editor writes their content first. Then, only when they are fully done, an SEO expert checks it and tells the editor what to change in order to optimize it for Google. The editor changes some parts - usually the small ones, that will not change the flow of the already written content.

This solution can take a lot of extra time both from the editor and the SEO expert. It will also prolong the whole content creation process. In many cases it also means that the quality of at least one of these two processes might be compromised in order to accommodate the other.

Both of these solutions seem quite far from being optimal, but for a long time these were the only possibilities available for businesses. That changed a few years ago, when a new SEO tool - SiteAttention - was introduced on Episerver.


An SEO plugin made for editors and marketers


SiteAttention sidebar

SiteAttention was created fully with editors and marketers in mind. That means no more time spent on long SEO seminars, no language that only SEO experts use and most of all: instant, easy to implement SEO tips that, while analysing your content in real-time, don't disturb your writing process. 

The plugin integrates into Episerver's page editor, which helps the editors to fully focus on their primary work - writing, but also makes it possible for the smart assistant to send the editors directly to the fields that need corrections.



Try SiteAttention for free here.

The plugin is always up-to-date with the newest SEO rules, meaning that the copywriters can simply follow its directions (like e.g. adding the keyword they optimize for to Header 1 or making a title shorter or longer) and in this way optimize their content fast and without problems or doubts. 

SiteAttention's customers spend on average around 50% less time on page optimization processes. Why? The SEO optimization process is faster and easier for the editor. The content writers do not need to attend as many SEO seminars, since the sidebar is always up-to-date with all the Google Algorithm changes, and lastly, the SEO responsible in the company has full control over the content optimization process without spending time on reading and analyzing each page.

What does it mean for marketing managers?

Marketing managers get to fully control the optimization process through an SEO Dashboard, meaning that they can have an overview of all the optimized pages, see how these pages are performing and how well optimized they got and by which user.

With the newest update to the tool, the marketing managers can also set up the minimum degree of optimization that is required in the company (which is then shown in the editors' plugins) and notify the manager (using an SEO Dashboard mobile app) whenever a page falls down in Google rankings.



Most of all, however, it means that the content optimization process is fully controlled and everybody in the team knows exactly what to do. This brings some great outcomes to many of SiteAttention customers, like EG - SiteAttention's customer on Episerver, which average Google Rank position went up by 71%. What's more, 77% of their keywords optimized with the tool are now ranking on the first page of Google search results. 

Thanks to that, their organic traffic went up by 43%, which means 43% more visitors who are ready to convert more than any other kind of traffic you can get online.


You can find SiteAttention on Episerver's App Marketplace.

Try it for free and see how it makes your KPIs go through the roof.

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