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EG A/S is one of Scandinavia's biggest IT companies with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was established in 1977, which gives it over 40 years of experience in the industry. EG develops, supplies and services its own software so that it can take full responsibility for the quality of the entire delivery. This ensures that its customers get exactly the innovative technology that best supports their needs.

Thanks to the extensive industry knowledge and high skilled staff, EG offers high quality professional IT assistance to over 9500 private and public customers in 4 countries. It remains the biggest Microsoft Dynamics AX partner in Denmark.




About 2 years ago EG realised that while their content writing team regularly takes part in SEO trainings, it is hard for everybody to remember all the rules that need to be followed every time new page is being edited and published in order to optimize the pages so they can rank higher in Google search.

Another problem they faced was the fact that the trainings were taking too much time that the editors could have spent on other, more significant to their profession tasks. Since the process of optimizing their content didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped for, EG also needed to spend extra resources on SEO experts checking their pages' content in order to optimize them properly.




EG started using SiteAttention in 2017. First they tried the plugin in a smaller team of editors. In SiteAttention Dashboard the Digital Managers can choose how well their editors should optimize content with the help of the plugin. EG's Director of Marketing and Communication, decided to put the threshold of 90 out of 100 points in SiteAttention score. This has proven to be a great decision, as EG soon started noticing improvements in their ranks. 

Very fast EG decided to give access to SiteAttention plugin to all their editors. The Director of Marketing and Communication, who was directly responsible for implementing SiteAttention in EG pointed out that a great plus of the tool is the fact that it integrates into their Content Management System - Episerver. This made it easy for the editors to get used to the new tool and they did not need any long introduction sessions to learn how to use it. 

The content writers appreciated the ease with which they can use SiteAttention without having any previous knowledge of SEO. They could simply start writing their content in the Episerver page editor and the plugin would start giving them tips on what should be changed in order to optimize the page they are creating. They were happy with the intuitive interface and easy to understand tips that didn't require any knowledge about SEO.

The Director of Marketing and Communication also appreciated the SEO Dashboard that comes together with the SiteAttention plugin, in which he could control the implementation of the tool among the editors as well as follow EG's optimization progress. He would visit the Dashboard at least once a week to make sure that the project is going smoothly and there are no setbacks.   



“We didn’t have to introduce yet another tool for people in marketing and communications to work with. and that has proven to be the right decision for us. Because the more tool employees have to work with, the more complex the everyday will be. I can see that we are not spending as much money and time on SEO training. I can see that we are really increasing our ranking on Google and thanks to that we are getting much more organic visits from relevant audience. I would definitely recommend SiteAttention to others”


Director of Marketing and Communication in EG




  • The average Google Rank position for EG went up by 71%

Through using SiteAttention, EG was able to improve the average ranking of all their pages by 71%. In their case that means that the overall ranking of all EG's pages went up by 20 positions.


  • 77% of EG's keywords are now ranking on the first page of Google

77% of all keywords that EG optimized their pages for with SiteAttention are now appearing on first pages of Google Search Results. Considering that 75% of people searching for something online will never scroll past the first page of Google, it is one of the most important factors in getting more organic traffic to EG's website.


  • Over 1/4 of all of EG's keywords are now ranking as number one on Google Search Results 

Since using SiteAttention, EG gained close to 70 keywords which were placed on the first position in Google search results.


  • 43% increase in organic traffic coming to EG's website

The above mentioned rise in EG's Google Search position also influenced the organic traffic coming to the company's website. The Director of Marketing and Communication also mentions that the the quality of the organic traffic is high and the organic visitors are very relevant audience for the company.


  • EG spends 25% less of what they used to on SEO

The company noticed that after buying SiteAttention their SEO spendings went down because they do not need to organize as many SEO trainings for their employees. They also don't need to spend extra resources on optimizing the content written by editors after they are done creating pages.


  • The EG editors participate in 50% less SEO trainings than before

As mentioned before, EG's editors don't need to have as deep SEO knowledge as they used to in order to optimize the pages they create. They can now focus more on writing and providing the highest quality of their content, without spending time researching proper optimization methods.






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