Get notified whenever your pages' ranks change!

Keep full control over your ranks

With our new feature officially out, you are now able to get notifications every time your page ranks rise or fall. This way, as soon as any changes to your ranks appear, you will be the very first to know and will be able to act fast!

The feature is available for customers running SiteAttention v. 5.0.1 on Episerver (and higher), as well as SiteAttention v. 3.x (and higher) on Umbraco.   

Subscribing to notifications

Follow the steps below to subscribe to the notifications.

NOTE! The notification subscription is device-based, meaning that if you e.g. want to get notified about your ranks both on your computer and you mobile device, you will need to log in from both these devices and subscribe to the notifications separately for each of the devices. 

1. Log in to your SiteAttention Dashboard account.

Log in to SiteAttention Dashboard


2. Click on your username.

SiteAttention Dashboard


3. Choose Settings.

SiteAttention Dashboard


4. Under Push notifications choose Subscribe.

SiteAttention Dashboard


5. Click Save to go exit the Settings menu.

SiteAttention Dashboard

Now everytime your page ranks experience any changes you will be notified right away!

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