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About Zylinc

Established in 2005, Zylinc now has more than 2.000.000 users. The Microsoft-certified software house, which has its HQ in Copenhagen, has for several years been among Denmark’s fastest growing companies.

Zylinc creates advanced contact management software solutions that help enterprises deliver superior customer service while increasing their employee productivity.

The company's portfolio of software products comprises desktop, web, and phone applications for handling inquiries via phone, chat, e-mail, and social media, meeting the communication needs of the entire enterprise and all of its stakeholders.

Zylinc unifies communication with an agile and comprehensive business suite that offers disruptive competitive powers in terms of outstanding customer service and efficiency for businesses as well as telecom service providers.



About two years ago Zylinc decided to focus more on their SEO efforts, in order to reach more of their target audience searching for industry-related keywords and phrases on Google.

The SEO-responsible took care of the technical SEO processes and while that helped a lot, the on-page SEO still remained a headache, everytime a new piece of content was written.  

Understandably, it was hard for the editors to adjust to their new roles in which it was not enough to write a good quality, interesting text. Now they had an extra task on top of that: to make their text fully optimized for Google and other search engines.

At first, the editors attended some SEO courses, which helped them understand the concept of SEO, but it was still very challenging for them to find extra time on optimizing the text they were writing and, using a list of guidelines, edit the text in a way that would make it rank higher on Google. It didn't take long for them to forget about the new optimization task and just carry on with the writing like usual.

The SEO responsible noticed this problem and started looking for a solution that would make the optimization process easier and faster for the editors.

That's how Zylinc first heard of SiteAttention. 



Zylinc first started using SiteAttention in May 2019. Since then their organic visitors doubled in number

The editors could easily switch to using the tool, because of its easy interface and tips that don't require any SEO knowledge to understand and implement in the text. The editors also appreciated the fact, that the plugin integrates with Wordpress - thier Content Management System. They emphasized that it made the optimization process more intuitive for them, since they could click on the tip they wanted to use and it would take them directly to the part of the text that should be optimized with the help of the tip. The SEO responsible also added that this helped the editors remember to optimize their content every time they created a new page.

The editors also realized that the SEO optimization with the SiteAttention took only a few minutes extra from their writing process - contrary to the method they used before (using SEO guidelines lists), which could easily take up to an hour. 

One month after Zylinc's editors started using the tool, the company was already able to notice first big changes to their online ranks. The more pages they optimized with the tool (and the more old pages they refreshed through optimizing), the better their overall ranks got. After one year of using SiteAttention, they saw an overall 68% rise in their Google Search Results ranks. They are also now ranking first for 39% of their keywords. 


"After a month we already started seeing first results. We got more organic traffic to our website and could see in the [SiteAttention] dashboard that many of our keywords started ranking higher. (...) Our editors are very happy with how easy it is for them to use the plugin. They just open their Wordpress page editor and it's already there, showing them tips on what should be done." 

CEO of Zylinc







Zylinc user case

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